Oh My Au Pair!

Oh My, Au Pair! A Complete Guide to Hiring and Hosting an Au Pair
(Dog Ear Press 2009)

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Welcome to the website of author and expert host mom Nancy Felix and “Host Parent Boot Camp.®” Here you will find information about Nancy, her book, her parent workshops and useful resources for au pair host parents.

Ask a few people about au pairs and you might hear about Louise Woodward or sexy Swedes. Before making the decision to get an au pair, families need to get beyond the historical misconceptions and the sales pitch. They need to be educated consumers and learn about all aspects of this cultural exchange – good and bad. Up until now, there was no place to get this information.

Nancy Felix has changed all that. Through her book and her workshops, Nancy seeks to inform and guide families considering the au pair program. If families decide that the au pair program is right for them, Nancy will help them to be great host families and make their cultural exchange the best it can be.